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• 1/4/2019



im very much aware that the site is very out of date and i kinda wanted to fix that! ever since i found billie in april i have fallen in love with her music. i didnt edit much on here because i didnt have much spare time or commitment to editing but now im editing on here a lot and rediscovering my love for filling out the website with useful information, and i think this needs a lot of updating as well.

i filled out an adoption request because nobody has done it yet. after we sorted out a few issues a member of community told me to make a discussion form. i originally didnt want to do this because an admin on the wiki is jack and not only did i not want him to make a huge song and dance about it whilst insulting me and a bunch of stuff i HAVENT done but i was worried that if he came back on here it wouldve destroyed anyones chances of adopting the wiki.

i just want to know all of ur opinions on this. if i do end up gaining the rights to this wiki i plan to make a discussion post hiring more active members on the wiki to make sure that the wiki is up to standard. i plan on fixing links, deleting the "candidates of deletion" pages and improving the wiki's style. i think that this is the right way forward and i hope all of u have a lovely day :).

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• 12/22/2018

This Wikia page is really unactive

Hello, this Wikia's main page hasn't been updated since the start of the year. The admins are not active. I don't know what we can do about this, but we really need admins that will actually update this Wikia page. That's all I've wanted to say. Yuval.

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• 10/9/2018

what happened to winner & panic

wasnt there two billie eilish songs that people thought were gonna be on the album called "winner" and "panic"

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• 7/3/2018

Party Favor Vinyl Version

Hello so I heard that the version of Party Favor in the vinyl is different from the studio version and i can't find it anywhere. If anyone finds a proffesional recording of the vinyl version of the song please link me to it. Or if you have a proffesional vinyl recorder on the computer and have the vinyl. I need this fast, i'm trying to add music for a trip and i'm leaving in 3 hours...
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• 4/8/2018

Billie Eilish Fanon Wiki

Hey everyone, I made a Billie Eilish Fanon Wiki:
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• 1/10/2018


This is going to be a fun test. This is called Songs In SPANISH?! The first one will be the one and only Billie Eilish! I am going to put a lyric of her's in spanish and you have to guess what song it is...

"Llámame calloso, llámame frío
Estás en cursiva, estoy en negrita"

I will be more active on here! So, stay turned!
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• 11/29/2017

What are some of your fav Billie songs?

I love Bellyache, Party Favor, and My Boy.
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